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  • Hi,

    I am developing a mobile game and want to export it to ios. Ejecta has some bugs when I export to ejecta. BTW I have made an app for android so the code does work... Cocoon JS Is a little tricky to work with and when I try to test the game it shows:"Powered by Lueidi" and than it just force quits the game on ios. Are there any other ways to export to ios? Help would be gladly appreciated.

    Thanks! ,


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  • Phonegap, though it gives best results on ios 8

  • Thanks C-7! I appreciate your help but the game does force quit after loading on phonegap, same bug on cocoonJS... I just tried it. Thanks though!

  • What type of device are you using? iPhone 4 and older have low memory and will cause a force quit when you start a game that needs more memory that it can handle.

  • ggibson1 ipod 5

  • *Ipod touch 5th generation

    My bad :-3

  • r2cvv

    Did you use recent c2 version (r182)?

  • cranberrygame Yes. I am using the beta r182

  • r2cvv

    I think you capx causes error, your capx is the problem.

    Can you give me example capx which reproduce the error?

  • cranberrygame The capx is started from scratch.. And I put a lot of work into it. I'm just thinking someone may steal my capx file...

  • r2cvv

    You can solve your problem by your self.

    After backup capx.

    You can check which plugin cause the error by removing plugin one by one.


  • Phonegap works fine. I had an audio bug the other day. Somehow one of my audio files was corrupted. Preloading or playing that sound let the app crash. Due to I was preloading all sounds on start it always crashed right away. I was not able to use the debugger but I figured it out by taking out plugin by plugin and then audio file by audio file.

    Maybe you have the same problem. To not loose all your settings you could set "preload all sounds on start" to off and load a a layout that doesn't interact with music on start.

    In general, you should describe the crash better and even if you don't want to share capx you could tell us your plugins, settings and sizes.

    Regarding CCJS exporter: You should drop that. It has been deprecated for a reason. Try PhoneGap (or Ejacta).

  • I am using clay.io as a third-party plugin.sbi@MACPK I was able to run it but I think my data starts to get overloaded and crashes.

  • I'm wondering if now that webview or how the new thing is called is accelerated and has webgl, if if not more simple to create an xcode project with a webview, a sort of your own wrapper if you want but with a real browser. From what I see it's also easy to hookup this with all the other tech (gamecenter, etc) to javascript....mmmm time to investigate

  • I find ejecta to be quite good but there are limitations. Copy the capx game to a new folder and remove any large assets before exporting to see if will run. you will have to do a bit of trial and error to see what is causing the error.

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