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  • Chrome for IOS is now on your app store for free you only need to have a IOS 4.3 or new version to run it.

    It's not a real "chrome" browser because it's still the same IOS engine which is use so no surprise and it perform the same html5 score that other browser on IOS but there is something funny ...

    With IOS dolphin or IOS safari html5test display this text : "Your are using a Apple IPhone on IOS 5.1.1"

    With IOS chrome html5test display this text : "Your are using an unknown browser that imitates Safari on a Apple Iphone running 5.1.1"

    First look, it's not a very innovative browser but it's perhaps too soon to speak ... i need more time for test it !

    If you have a Android device, don't forget to test the new dolphin engine beta apk which have a impressive html5test score (look at Joannesalfa post on this subject)

  • SunSpider tests on iPad :

    Chrome : 9295.6 ms +/- 0.3%

    Safari :2866.0 ms +/- 0.7%


  • Chrome for iOS looks good - gets over 30 on our performance test - but it has a much slower javascript engine than Safari because apps aren't allowed to use JIT.

    So it's something like this:

    Safari: hardware accelerated, fast javascript

    Chrome for iOS: hardware accelerated, slow javascript

    PhoneGap: software rendered, slow javascript

    Hardware acceleration is more important than javascript speed (Chrome is only a bit slower than Safari on iOS), so it's a good result. In short, Chrome is much better than PhoneGap, but not as good as Safari.

  • Could you test if Chrome for iOS has the same audio issues of Safari?

    The JIT limitation is a permanent issue or it's prone to get fixed in the future?

    (About Safari, i'm just referring to the old versions were this issue was present)

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  • Chrome for iOS isn't a real chrome browser, it's designed to use Cloud storage.

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