iOS 10 Black Screen solution (XDK)

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  • I am not sure if this will help everyone, but if your app/game is showing a black screen for users who upgraded to iOS 10, try creating a new project in XDK. I tried other solutions offered and none of them worked. I created a new project in XDK and everything seems OK now. (Other than a sound issue I am seeing for the first time.) Hope this helps.

  • Too vague of a solution. How are you exporting your project, are you using the Intel XDK format? Can you elaborate? I created a "new project" but since all my files are the same anyway, the problem still persist.

  • caad8user Sorry about that...I did not change anything so I did not think to mention what I did.

    File | Export project...


    Minify script is checked

    Options: All 3 at top are checked (Hide Status Bar, Use WKWebView on iOS, Use New Intel XDK project format)

    Permissions: Uses vibrate is checked

    Export audio files for iOS, Window Phone (.m4a)

    Minimum iOS: 8.0+

    This is what I have been doing for some time so not sure why my old build does not work and the new one does. Hope this helps.

  • Thanks for your reply. Are you using any plug-ins? I'm still having the same problem. Just trying to see what's causing it on my end. I actually removed my admob plugins as well. And switch to Cocoon to export. I'm still getting the blank screen.

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  • I use Admob and UnityAds from cranberrygame. I also add InAppBrowser, Vibration, and StatusBar from core plugins.

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