Invisible text on Android?

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  • Hi. I tried some of my apps on an Huawei Mate 9 with Android 7.0 and many times simple text objects with the default font are invisible. When I hide/show the layers a few times I sometimes get the text to appear but in most cases its just invisible. But it works fine on Windows Chrome, Edge and iOS. Its just plain Text.

    Is there something wrong with the latest beta 242 or is it something in Android 7 maybe?

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  • Most of the time when I get invisible text, it is because the text box is too small. Try making the text box a little bigger (and maybe try changing Wrapping from Word to Character).

    I have also had weird things happen if the layout scale gets zoomed in too far. So that could be an issue.

    If all else fails, use sprite fonts - which may improve performance (some platforms seem to suffer from text boxes).

  • Thanks, I will try to change the size and see if it helps. But the same invisible text is sometimes visible when I just reload a few times so it should not be the text size?

  • It's still happening on Android. But iOS and PC (Chrome/Edge) never had this problem.

    Text is sometimes visible but most times its not so it's not the text object size? :-/

  • Does it work when exporting into HTML5 and opening it with Chrome on Android?

  • I had this as well last night.

    I only use text boxes for debugging so it was a minor inconvenience and didn't think much of it as on PC and windows tablet it worked fine

    but both android phones no text.

    the same text had previously worked

    Will investigate tonight....

  • glerikud I will try it.

    So far I tested it in preview on Edge/Chrome on PC and via LAN Preview on iPhone and Android Phone. And its in the Play Store as Alpha and when I download it with my Android phone its the same problem, text is invisible most times.

  • Bl4ckSh33p

    So I found...

    .If I disable webGL the text comes back to android

    could you try that see if it works?

    But then I made a default start up C2 project and put some text in and no issues. hmm

    [edit] right, I disabled one of my debug text boxes and all the other text boxes came back even when webgl enabled

    so maybe that was causing issue or chrome on android doesn't like too many text boxes. maybe you have similar situation.

    FYI the general advice is to use sprite font for text in game / app as normal text boxes will kill performance especially if they are being updated regularly.....

  • Sorry for the delay, could not try it yet but I hope I have some time today or tomorrow to do some testing again.

  • Hi,

    Not sure if there is a resolution to this one-year-old issue?

    i.e. Invisible text on some Android phones when WebGL is enabled.

    I also found that with WebGL enabled, the display text on some of the phone models (Huawei P20) becomes invisible in my game.

    Once I disable WebGL, the text came back.

    I can't use spritefont because in my game, I am displaying chinese characters..


  • julianlee

    Maybe this phone has a slightly different version of the font or text scaling setting etc.

    Have you tried making the Text Box bigger (both wider and taller)?

  • I initially also thought that the user installed certain fancy android fonts on his phone that prevented the text to be displayed correctly, but no, the phone is on its vanilla stock version.

    Note that once I disabled the WebGL, the issue gone.

    Also, the text box is quite big, even a short text is not displayed when WebGL is turned on.

    Thanks for your reply.

  • This is pretty bad.. What method did you use to build the apk? Have you tried the same project in C3?

    If you can make a small capx to reproduce this bug (maybe record a video or something), you should report it.

  • dop2000 julianlee

    I have same issue. Text is inivisible when Web-GL is enabled. I am exporting game to debug .apk via Construct and using default Arial Font.

    What is very interesting after about 10 seconds text is appeareing in game, after disabeling WebGL issue is gone, but this way i cant use C3 runtime (you can disable webgl only on C2 runtime).

    Did you find solution to this issue?

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