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  • I have a game in which the default status of a layer is invisible. This is done through the level editor.

    During the layout, the game makes the layer visible, then changes to a different layout.

    After this, it goes back to the original layout. The thing is, this layout should be reset, I'd have thought. All the objects that were destroyed come back. All the positions are reset, etc...

    But the layer which was originally meant to be invisible, is suddenly visible. Am I missing a setting somewhere, where I can have the layers actually reset when the layout starts?

  • Yeah, That's a one of "those" things in C2

  • In this case, it sounds like it would be better to just leave the layer visibility in the editor properties alone, then manually control the visibility through actions. Put an action for both setting visible and invisible when you want them to occur.

  • Surely it makes more sense to remove that function if that's the case? Objects retain their initial settings, just not the layers.

    For ages I thought it was something I was doing wrong! Not a bug in the program that the devs can't be bothered to fix. Hope Construct 3 resolves this!

  • IMO it's not really a big issue (surely not a top prio critical one), in fact I don't find it as an issue at all. I guess it all depends on the project. Right now the layer's "initial visibility" property is literally initial - it's a setting for the first time the layer is being loaded. It is stil worth to set it, because C2 engine doesn't render invisible layers. In my project I find it usefull that it remembers the visibility state, but as I said it depends on the project needs. Anyway it can surely be confusing especially that it is not mentioned in the manual (at least I haven't found it in layers chapter nor layouts chapter.

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  • Agreed. I just happened to luck into the issue while testing. I only went back to an older layout by chance, and it could have been easily missed.

    Now I know about it, I can avoid it with ease, but others may not notice until it's too late.

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