Invalid project file: .capx.capx?

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  • Hi,

    I'm unsure if I did something wrong or it's a bug.

    Whenever I work on a project and C2 saves it as an autosafe file and a backup file, my progress somehow is saved as a backup file with the ending .capx.capx. . The original file I was working on stays unchanged.

    This is extremely annoying, because I always have to safe the .capx.capx file as another project and delete the old project in order to keep on working on this. This keeps happening again and again.

    I guess the cause was that I opened C2 twice by accident and then there suddenly was a .capx file and a .capx.capx file.

    How do I keep C2 from doing this? This is SO annoying and potentially dangerous, it could destroy my project if I'm uncautious.

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