Introducing Construct 2/3 to Game Designers

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  • Next week I am conducting a Rapid Prototyping workshop for 15 to 20 game designers in my company. The last probably half of the workshop will be an introduction to Construct 2 / 3.

    There are obviously some excellent tutorials and sample projects out there, but what other tips would you give to an experienced developer who is unfamiliar with Scirra's products? When you were first learning, what eureka moments helped everything click?

    Here are a few tips I am considering:

      1) If you reference an instance in an event, you can interact with just that instance. 2) Groups are a great way to make your event sheets easier to read (because they are collapsible.) 3) To import frames, right click in the Frames window. (This was a bit hard for me to find, initially.) 4) Check your collision polygons! (I once spent hours trying to figure out why clicking on a sprite was so inconsistent.) 5) Right click on everything when getting started, but then learn the keyboard shortcuts! 6) You can change 'every frame' in your animation by shift clicking the mirror, flip, crop, buttons.

    What are some other tips for experienced people who are learning Construct 2/3?

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