Intro and RPG Idea. (Kind of long.)

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  • Hello everyone!

    This sounds stupid, but I've played a lot of games but none quite FIT me. Last night, in a Redbull and Ritalin-induced frenzy I figured out what I wanted in a game. Let me know what you think, and feel free to tell me if it gets far-fetched. I'm only 10 hours into Construct 2 with zero programming experience.

    CONCEPT: A Survival RPG simple enough to play on your smart phone, but underpinned with complexities. After selecting a Doomsday scenario, and your Avatar's stats, The meat of the game will be on one screen, dominated by your avatar. But aspects of this portrait will be changing with each variable that occurs (Example: Your character hasn't eaten in a while, so the portrait gets skinnier and generally unhealthy looking. The background changes depending on time of day, weather and season.)

    GAMEPLAY: The game is played by making simple choices on what to do with your time. Doing something takes time, and time whittles away at your resources. With the appropriate stats, things will take less time, and yield more resources.

    RANDOMNESS: (I hope to take advantage of some sort of Dice-Roll mechanism for this.) While not visually exciting, the spice of the game will be randomness in EVERY aspect. The people you meet will start with randomized skills and appearances. You will only be able to deduce their skills from what they say, how they appear, and how they perform. This includes their perception of YOU.

    ADVANCED GAME: So you were lucky and cunning enough to survive by yourself, but one of these days you COULD find yourself outnumbered. That's why you may choose to work with others, set down roots, and take on the politics of governing a Doomsday Colony. But be careful, the bigger the colony gets, the more attention it attracts.

    So that's the grand scheme.

    If you got through my wall of text,


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  • I think it sounds cool C2 is more than capable of handling this.

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