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  • Over the last 12 months, Windows 8 and Windows Phone market share has increased rapidly. More and more consumers are purchasing Windows Phones and tablets and we are seeing amazing success on the Windows ecosystem from game developers.

    We know lots of developers are using Construct2 and Windows 8 and Windows Phone are the easiest options for publishing your game to a modern app store. So we are interested in learning more from you as game developers and helping you get your amazing games onto Windows 8 and Windows Phone.

    We want you to share in the success. So were interested in getting some feedback from the Construct2 community about the opportunity of bringing your games along to one of our porting days and we’ll help you port your title in one day and publish it to the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store!

    There will be hands-on advice and Microsoft + Construct2 experts to help you port your existing or new construct2 games to the Windows Phone or Windows Store.

    If you don’t have the necessary hardware to port to Windows Phone or Windows Store, we have that covered! We have a number of PC laptops running all the necessary developer tools and will provide Windows QuickStart kits for iOS developers (which will run Windows 8 Pro on your MAC OS X via Parallels Desktop 9) and will provide all developer attending with a token for a FREE windows developer account to allow you to publish your titles to the Windows Stores.

    During the day we will also give you advice on how to get onto the exclusive AppCampus Program. where you get 25k to 70k euros.

    You will also enter the Power Up: The Beautiful Game competition The competition is open to all UK games developers who port and publish their games titles to Microsoft Windows 8 and/or Windows Phone Stores. Each game entered will receive points based on a wide range of game experiences and the number of downloads in the Stores. The top 20 games will win great prizes (prize fund in excess of $50,000!) and all entrants have an opportunity for their games to be discovered and downloaded by 100,000s to millions of players.

    So let us know your thoughts

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  • The only thoughts I have about this is why in a global internet community we still need to organize local competitions?

    Pity we developers outside UK can't participate. It's just like Kickstarter........we are global!

  • This sounds like something I'd be interested in, I can't afford Windows 8

  • Aw, its only for uk developers. It's probably worth checking out if your within the region.

  • Forgive me for asking this of the guy with only two posts, but.....

    Who's "we", and why is this in the wrong forum?

  • newt

    I think the 'we' is AppCampus. Apparently "AppCampus is implemented in cooperation with Microsoft and Nokia, and is hosted by the Aalto Center for Entrepreneurship. "

    But then again I stopped reading after the uk part so I'm not to sure.

  • Well I would think we would at least get a " and Bobs your uncle " considering it is in the Uk.

  • for those who want a website like kickstarter but for all non us uk and other english states or countrys

    try its for all people regardless of location same system as kickstarter! have more sites like it just this 1 is top rated and most similar to kickstarter!

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