Are you interested in a fighting game tutorial?

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  • Seriously awesome!

    Thank you!

  • F*cking awesome! :D

    Yeah, it's same 4:00 am for me. haha

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    Hi everybody, it's almost 4:00 am in my country but you're a great audience and you deserve this: the final update(final features) for the basic fighting game engine. hahaha

    Coding AI might take a lot of time and effort so I'll start with the videos in the meantime.(soon)

    There are still some gameplay issues like cornering the opponent and hitting him while he is on the air (you will win the round as far as he doen't touch the floor), but I'm tired..zzz

    The first video will cover basic mechanics and animation set-up so there is still time to fix bugs, specially on my collision system so please play with it a little and post feedback, try to get a friend or relative to help with P2, because i can't have a "real" fight (you know, I only got 2 hands to hit the keyboard).

    You can check the new features on the first post... or just go and test it haha.


    I'm really appreciated your hard work.

    Keep this great work, take a rest for a while :)

  • The cornering issue and all air juggling in that case may be resolved with a hit counter variable. If player is not on floor and gets hit, increment the variable and then set the player to not take damage or react to being hit until they hit the ground. Keep them immune till they stand up. Then reset the variable to 0. The variable will give you a way to implement limited air/juggle combos as well.

    If wanted you could even go slow motion for the final hit of the combo and the fall afterward.

    Just an idea...

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  • BluePhaze hi, thanks for the tip, but I think it has to do more with the animation itself.. I deleted some frames because I thought they were too much, and there was also a short "after technique" animation during which you can not perform any move, that I didn't include

    As I see in many fighting games, when you score a combo, the animations are actually faster than the simple move, probably adding more frames to the animation and teaking the settings would do the trick, but since this is not a finished game I won't go into much detail (my collisions are handled "dynamically" so even a 100 frames animation wont affect the interactions, but only the speed or "recovery" time)

  • This is great! are you going to add the capx?

    When you say you do the collisions dynamically, are you doing what I talked with you about and changing the collision mask per animation frame?

  • bscarl88 I just re-read your messages and not, it seems my system is more simple, and it has been the same since the beginning.. frame-dependent collision poligons, the character uses collisions only for strikes, nothing else

    also I'm not using pixel perfect collision.. was that already implemented? or maybe I'm thinking in another feature (using alpha channel as collision mask) just a general box, since the characters are "super-deformed" there is almost no difference between standing and crouching collision boxes

    I already started recording the first video:

    1.custom platform movement and set up.30 minutes of boooooring stuff (coming soon in 2013 hahha)

  • jayderyu ErekT Eisenhans NotionGames devMidgard danny bscarl88 Joannesalfa BluePhaze tyfricko totoe ShabbyCat kenli urbano shinkan ArcadEd baterism shinkan Adyeniel VonBednar anthonykojima JacobAquas fidox

    Hi everybody, first video is online, please tell me if it's too slow or too fast paced... also, does anyone know hot to make the youtube player bigger and allow full screen?

  • Capx?

  • I'm not really interested with a fighting game tutorial but I have some tips for you. I'm aware that this tutorial is not addressed to a new C2 user but for more advanced "eventers" (is that a word?, almost like adventurers ;) ). You should rethink how You want to present your tutorial. Start from scratch, blank sheets and start adding actions one by one, explaining what and why are you doing this or just use what you have and then explain what event nr 6 do, and why event nr 15 is a sub event...

    I stopped watching your vid after few minutes cause I start feeling dizzy. You've been jumping around from events on top to events on bottom, toggle one off then toggle off something elsewhere. Suddenly You paste a function, then again toggle disable few times, paste some code again. And it was like that all the way to the end.

    So yeah, my few word. Keep better and keep improving.

  • TUTOrial YES

  • shinkan I guess you're right, I'm re-recording it again

  • I just came across this project. Goddamn it's addicting. I just blew a half hour throwing hooks and flying sidekicks. Right on!

    Also, I viewed the videos and Shinkan is right. A step-by-step tutorial is needed because of the somewhat complexity of the process.'ve got my respect buddy. What a great demo.

  • The first video was re-uploaded, but is on "fast-play" but way more understandable than before, I'll continue that way until I get to the collision system, because that is the tricky part


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