Interactive comic book: How many people would buy?

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  • I'm a musician and composer seeking out to make an interactive comic book. My comic book is going to have a lot of game-type elements such as achievements, music and narrative, a HUD during pause, and multiple paths.

    In addition to a great story about a traveling martial artist/jazz saxophonist, there will be nice fade in/out screen transitions, items to be clicked on and "collected" for an achievement system, a save option (maybe), music tailored for what's going on in the panel (unlike current HTML5 comics), psuedo animation (kind of like the Tron Legacy comic), and more.

    I know this is ambitious, but I have a friend who is a great comic-book artist and writer, I have a masters degree in composition so there will be nice epic orchestral music, and I have been working with the Construct 2 program for a few days now and have figured out how to do about %75 of what I want so far.

    I'm just curious how many people would buy this as an app on Android/iOS or subscribe to it on a website (probably $1 for each issue).


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  • If it's a good story you can find a market for it somewhere.

  • ptbcomposer : on the AppStore, at least, there's more booksale than app sales. And among apps, what's selling the most is "books" apps. In fact those are apps with only text, or text with a few effects.

    So the market is good for that kind of stuff.

    I'm working on that kind of things, so if you want to ask some questions, go for it ! <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    In the end, what's the most important, if you want to make sales (it's not the same if you only want an artistic outcome, the work isn't the same) : marketing. Marketing, marketing, marketing, marketing !

    With that, you can have great sales figures with an "average" game, but without coverage (marketing), an awesome game won't do any sale...

  • You would be surprised at how many people would pay for that if, like what twdead says, the story is good. Also if it's presented well. A good plot is nothing without good presentation. I've read books that had terrible presentation but a good plot and I just stopped reading because of how difficult it was to follow it.

    So that being said I and many of my friends love that stuff. I'd even pay for something like that. Interactive comics and multipaths are always an interesting read/play. =)

    Go for it!

  • What Pode said. You wouldn't realize how much marketing helps. Angry Birds for example was nothing until it was marketed. It blew up after that.

    So market it and do what you love.

  • Absolutely people will buy it. If it's good, and you market it well.

    Also, besides the Appstore take a look at the Barnes & Noble Nook store and the Amazon Kindle stores (I looked for interactive comic.) You might want to buy a couple of them--sort of check out the competition.

    Also check out and They're betting on them selling.

  • Would it be possible to have something like this exported to a format like PDF?

  • I doubt it. PDF seems to support flash and moving objects according to the very long article on Wikipedia, but it would not be practical at all. The file would be very large, and there might be conversion errors. Also, what would be the point? All new browsers, including IE9 support it natively, not to mention it can be wrapped in an app for Chrome or iOS.

    BTW, I'm new at this development stuff, so if I'm wrong about anything, feel free to correct me.

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