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  • Hey guys, I was wondering what happens in the following case:

    • transparent sprites are filled by loading pictures on demand by URL.
    • a save game is created
    • in another session the save game is loaded

    -> now when a sprite frame is displayed, will it be empty and stay empty or will it remember which frame was assigned with which URL and if I try to display the image, the picture will load and display once it finished loading. Or does the savegame save the pictures that were loaded by url with it (which would lead to a very big save game, so I doubt it)?

    edit: looks like it isn't store. Guess I have to save it to variables and load the images on load complete?

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  • I think this got fixed by an update. Will check now again.

  • It works afaik. It's loading my get url loaded photos from save. Guess it was an update. I remember it not loading in the past when I started my ancient project.

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