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  • Hi,

    In my quiz game I flash a cue when a person touches a wrong answer, and present a success messages when the person touches the right answer. Both right and wrong answers are displayed at the same time. The flash behavior is about a second long.

    Interestingly, when i press the wrong answer and then immediately the right answer, even when setting the cue text to invisible, once the cue text flashes, ti does not become invisible until the flash behavior completed. To ensure that the invisible action indeed makes the flashing cue disappear, i must first submit a stop flash action.

    While this is a minor issue, I thought to report it nevertheless since its somewhat counter-intuitive.


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  • It may be an issue with your events, but unless you show a .capx or screenshots, no-one will ever know

  • Thanks Zenox,

    The events are pretty simple:

    Two buttons, one event "handler" for touching each button. When touching the first button a cue text is made visible and made to flash; when touching the second button, the cue text is hidden. Both event handlers are in parallel to each other.

    Only when the second event hander stops flashing the cue text and then hides the text, the text is really hidden.

  • Yes, but how have you structured the events? Do you use else, sub-events or some other method?

    It's doesn't matter if you don't wish to share a.simple .capx or screenshot, but it would be much more useful to the community to see what you are describing visually.

  • Hi zenox98,

    Here is a sample capx file: ... ample.capx

    As you can see, the make invisible button doesn't make the text invisible as long as it flashes. It is further interesting to notice that the invisible action is lost, i.e. after pressing invisible, the text does not become invisible after flashing ends. Only once flashing ended, the invisible action takes effect.



  • I agree that's not very intuitive. Even if you select the text to be invisible at the start of the layout the flash behavior will still work.

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