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  • Hi everyone!!, i hope you are doing great

    see, the game im making with my partner, its almost ready for the release of a demo, and before this, i will start a Devlog, but before that i need some help with infromation about IP's

    see, my boyfriend has worked until he swets blood in our game's art, and it will crush our lives if we start our devlog and revealing our work for everyone to see and test and someone steals the art that my bf worked so hard and makes it his own, and since we are people of limited wealth, we cant afford a lawyer or pay the official registration of our IP.

    is possible to someone to registrer our characters before us?, im worried and kinda paranoic.

    can you guys tell me some recommendations about this?

  • I am not a lawyer, so I cannot tell a lot, but I think in some countries, just creating art makes you have the full ownership of them if you can prove you are the one who created them.

    I guess there should be a way for you to ask about that kind of stuff without having to pay anything, as no one should ignore the law, no one should refuse informations on that matter, I do not know which kind of service you should go to myself, others may be able to tell.

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  • Hey Lunatrap,

    things will be stolen copyed and so on, its just human nature. take something, make it better.

    but i can understand your point totally. so here is what i would do:

    • Watermark images (for example like graphikriver does it)
    • Put the creator information in it (jpg propertys)
    • only use low resulotion pictures of your art
    • never publish source files, aleways keep the source files for proof
    • if you work with external persons let them sign an NDA
    • if you publish pictures aleways tell people what they can and cant do with them. for example if someone wants to write a blogpost about your project make a press kit special for this porpose and declare it in the licence. its also horrible if people dont shure and they are scared if they dont know if they get sued or not. so always make this clear

    remember you never can be 100% shure but instead of being scared about this issue work hard on your game and the success will be yours. no real company can copy this stuff without permission and become successfull with it if they dont have the rights to use your material. so even if some small developper uses it you can sue em without problem.

    Hope that helps a little and i am really looking forward to see some of your art.



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  • j0schi

    thanks a lot, you are lovely n.n, that info really helped me to be more relaxed n.n

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