intel XDK VS Ludei VS phongap

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  • Which is working better ?

    1. higher FPS

    2. compatibility with IAP in general

    3. Android & IOS

  • 1. On iOS, the Intel XDK works well if you target OS8+. The performance depends a lot on your what your game is doing to be honest, and how carefully you optimize it.

    2. I can confirm in-app purchases also work on the XDK with Cranberry's plugin. (iOS) I've not tried Ludei for this.

  • Ludei Canvas+ on Android: smooth, but still no native ads in Ludei cloud service.

    Crosswalk on Android: slow and jittering, slow audio decode, AdMob ads slowing down app.

    PhoneGap on Android: it depends on your Android version.

    Ludei WebView+ on iOS: very smooth, I'm not sure about native ads (@Silverforce).

  • so if i use only IAP without ads then i understand that

    Ludei Canvas+ on android and ludei webview+ on IOS ?

    Which IAP plugin works better with Ludei ? I am looking for non consumable


  • szymek resumed it kind of nicely, while searching on the forums can end up showing canvas+ as a bad option for android, the situation changed after they got depreciated, that is of course if you are not using any feature that is incompatible with it (form controls and the XML plugin mainly If I recall correctly), however try to ask some people with different devices to test, I know canvas+ can be problematic on some systems.

    Crosswalk was really nice and worked great until the chromium base (which it is based on) got its update which broke V-sync completely and never get back to its original smooth point. Audio however I am not sure, I think I remembered that crosswalk has a specific support for audio.

    it seems that each time a solution is becoming the official one, it gets issues, but when it is not anymore, it becomes better, but that is me assuming that there are spirits playing with the texture of reality, in the end, try the different options availiable, as none are directly supported by scirra.

    for IAP, I am not sure hiw that works though.

  • So how do i export to Ludei then ? seems like the option is not there anymore - just Cordova. Ill do that and will send my recommendation to the forum

  • Aphrodite

    audio decoding in Chromium is 3-4x slower than in Firefox;

    so Crosswalk games with many audio files will load forever


    try Crosswalk

    and try CocoonJS,

    and see what works better for you

    I checked my game, it was jittering in Crosswalk,

    and smooth on CocoonJS,

    but I'm still waiting for native AdMob ads in CocoonJS

  • ok, so what is the best way to export to cocoonJS then ? I see only cordova is in the export options

  • mailalon you can right click in the exporter window to show the exporters not maintained by scirra (cocoonJS is not maintained by scirra but ludei still works on it, I think you may need the ludei plugin, which is on ludei signature last time I checked)

  • I think it is the best option now, though crosswalk gigantic advances to rate.

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  • I use Crosswalk for Android and CJS WebView+ for iOS8+. I heard that ads slow down Crosswalk games a lot, I don't use ads so I cannot confirm.

    Phonegap is the worse options out of the three.

  • Well xdk on Android thing resulted slowing on arm based devices. And good fps on x86. It's intel after all

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