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  • ?App Game Interfaces 2 ? improves multimedia app performance via OpenGL-accelerated HTML5 Canvas, and multi-sound, multi-channel audio playback, and multi-touch for Android (ARM and x86)

    Game Interfaces is DirectCanvas which is renamed. C2 can export Intel XDK with Game Interfaces option.

    Does anyone can take a time to export a game to Intel XDK with Game Interfaces 2 to test performance in Android?

  • I tried the XDK with a couple of my games and even just a simple one-layout project with just a text box. All of them worked correctly on the emulator, but I only got a black screen when testing on android.

    Seems like something is broken in the way it renders on android even though the emulator looks fine. I've asked a couple of questions on the HTML5 forum and am awaiting feedback to this potential bug. If they can get it to work I think that it looks very promising indeed....


  • Budgie Thanks your feedback! Too bad it's getting black screen, I wonder if they support to iOS.

  • Joannesalfa, I just tried one of my games on ios using the App Lab over wifi. The results were better than for android (as in the game sort of ran and no black screen) but there were problems with the placement and font size of some of the text objects.

    It's hard to say what would cause these errors, so I don't know how to go about trying to bug fix. I guess I'm kind of stuck waiting until a viable means of publishing on ios is found (my current hope is that the forthcoming new release of the cocoonjs wrapper might work better than the current one on ios).



  • Hi All,

    As we have just finished our Tizen competition submissions I thought I would have a quick look at the Intel XDK. My first impressions were good. Both of our games works very well in the emulator. Alas, neither of them worked in AppLab. I got a white screen.

    It's a shame really as the dev environment is very easy to use. I would really like to try out their AGI.

    Has anyone had any success?

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  • Nope, I try every few months just to see if there has been any improvement. Like most, games seem fine in emulator, but not on devices. *shrug*

  • ArcadEd any updates man?

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