Intel XDK Black Screen and Touch Trigger problems

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  • After the last few updates, Intel XDK android builds go to black screen when ran. However, the projects run in the emulator. I also noticed that touch triggers are happening twice in the XDK emulator but work normally in C2. I realize this is all likely Intel's fault, but I thought I'd see if others are having the same trouble.

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  • Not sure about what could cause the black screen. Does the project run in chrome over wifi on your android? If so, I suggest you report it on the Intel XDK thread with a capx example for Intel to take a look at. For the double touch problem - in the touch object, try disabling the use mouse input option. That sometimes causes a double firing of the on-touch trigger.

  • I've had the same trouble with the latest patch (r162), black screen of death when installed on the phone, but fine when running emulator or testing remotely on device. I have retired it with older versions of construct 2 and the results are fine, everything works.

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