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  • When i run debug mode i have that message

    I dont know how fix this

  • i think this is important because this error shows on serious game project, bump

  • No capx, no steps or clear explanation how to reproduce = nothing to investigate.

    Useless bump.

  • Kyatric i dont know which step cause problem, my project is too big and too long im working on game to find this now. Or i can send you my capx on private message only

  • Or i can send you my capx on private message only

    No thank you.

  • Try disabling blocks of your events and repeat running it until the error goes away. Once it does, your problem is in that last section.

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  • C-7 i try delete all lines and blocks in few way, dosent work

  • If the way C-7 explained to find your problem isn't working for you, this still applies:

    No capx, no steps or clear explanation how to reproduce = nothing to investigate.

  • It could also be errors from a third-party plugin. But if a blank project doesn't give the error and yours does, then there is something in your project causing it.

  • C-7 Yeah You prabably right, so u must inspect this manually

  • If you could find a consistent way to reproduce the issue, perhaps you could report it as a bug and provide Ashley with the capx and the reproduction steps so he can have a look into it.

    Possibly it could be a case where a "big project" could cause the issue. But there must be clear steps on how to reproduce the issue all the time for the investigation time to be worth.

    Now, are you sure also that "your serious project" is not just using too much memory ? Too large textures ?

    Apparently you are using third-part addons, those cannot be accepted in a bug report. Does the issue still happen without them in the project ?

    Also, C-7 mentioned "disabling" events, and you talked about "deleting". It's actually not the same thing.

    Are you sure you tried the actual debuging solution proposed of right-clicking an event and "Toggle disable" it so that it is crossed.

    The event is still a part of your project, not just "deleted". If the issue is about the size of the project/number of events, this could help pin point that issue.

    You are the one who knows best the project so help out others helping you the more possible.

    Moreover, doing such tests you can make sure you actually did not made some code mistake (inefficient loops ? groups that take too much action/CPU load ? ...) that you could actually correct on your own.

    Finally this seem to happen on NW.JS preview, is it the same in a regular browser ? Previewing in browser and checking for errors in the browser does the console bring up more informations that could actually be useful ?

    You can't just throw your project at someone, expect them to look at the code, understand it and debug it for you if you don't first dig up a bit what the issue could be as well. At least pinpoint where it is happening, under which circumstances, how to reproduce it on a consistent manner, so a logic can be made out of it.

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