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  • A simple sort capability where we can favorite the objects we use often. then when you click to insert object the top category is your favorites.

    Example I use sprites most often but with all of the extra plugins I have added they are now about a third down the list I would like them to be in my Favorites.

    This then could also be saved perhaps to templates so if desired we could have Specific Favorites based on the template launched.


  • Sort of baffles me that no other users see this as useful?

  • Click "s" and there it is in the top row. :)

  • Burvey That is true until you add in the plugins. I have added many and it makes the insert object list longer.. I have to type at least spr to see the sprite object... thanks for the reply.

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  • Sort of baffles me that no other users see this as useful?

    It would be useful, but only in a very minor way, so personally I hope other features that have a much great impact take priority.

    I try to only install a minimal amount of plug-ins required for projects currently under development, and remove any un-needed ones after I'm done with them. Keeps things nice and snappy and uncluttered. <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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