Input lagging badly on Android

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  • I've got a relatively simple game and I'm trying to optimize its performance on mobile.

    I'm getting pretty decent FPS on both my Android devices. About 50 at rest, down to 30 or so during heavy animation. I can live with that just fine.

    The big problem I'm having is that everything is sluggish in responding to input. I tap a sprite and there's a noticeable lag before it does anything. Sometimes a very long lag. Fairly often, nothing ever happens at all and I have to tap again, possibly several times. This I can't live with.

    I've read all the performance guides and tweaked all the things they say to tweak. WebGL is running. Transparency is trimmed. Sampling is point. Etc, etc.

    The two devices I have to test on are a Samsung Galaxy S III phone (top of the line two years ago) and a LePan II tablet (middle of the road two years ago). I'm using the recommended XDK/Crosswalk method for building my APKs. I'm making heavy use of the LiteTween add-on behavior.

    Unfortunately, due to licensing restrictions with my art, I can't actually post a capx. But debug says I've got 131 objects occupying 19.3 megs of memory. The phone idles around 20% CPU and peaks about 65% (according to cpuutilisation). The tablet is about 10% and 70%.

    I'm primarily aimed at deploying on Android, so this is a really central issue for me. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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  • Start from the beginning and remove groups of code and test. Preview over LAN in chrome browser on your devices, its the same final performance as XDK compiled APKs.

    Find what is causing the problem (could well be your LiteTween!), because its not normal for there to be such delays in input.

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