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  • Firstly let me say 'Hello fellow Constructians' and I am finally a proud owner of a Construct 2 license. I have used Gamemaker Studio and MMF2 (was debating upgrading this or Construct).

    I have always relished writing stories but thought it might be a good time to try to make something that not only let people read what I write but to experience it. Anyhoo enough about me.

    So I have just started playing with C2 and was making a simple click to test out an idea. The problem is the command isn't functioning as its suppose to... like wires are crossed. Let me show you what I am working with>>

    So the problem is when the Mouse left button is clicked its suppose to do something...but that is not the case. So I was like maybe its the browser I am using and I went over to another browser same thing happened. 'What happened?' you may ask. The click just isn't clicking thats what happening. So I went into the debug mode to see what was going on in the background. Focus my attention on the Mouse response because I was taking it the browsers just wasn't registering the mouse clicks. But I click one time and every time I clicked the mouse click status change accurately as it should. But still the program didn't do as it was programmed to do. So then I double clicked and that was when my program did as it was programmed to do. Every time I double clicked it ran correctly. As you see in the code the condition isn't set for double-clicked its set for clicked. So I change the command to Double Clicked to see what would happen and the double clicked did absolutely nothing. My thing this bug or just me?

    I am running this on the recent c2 release last week.

  • I think I know what you're after. You want it like "Hold click onto the button to keep the LBumper and RBumper up, then letting go would reset their angle"? If so, here's an explaination.

    Your click events are triggers ("On Click"), this means that those events will run only once, then it gets to Event 3, which resets the angles back to 0.

    Try changing Events 1 and 2 from "On left click" to two conditions: "Left click is down" and "Is mouse overlapping spr_LBumperCont". Then remove the "Every 0.25" condition, then move Event 3 above Event 1, so that the order will be correct (It will read if it should reset the Bumpers' angles, THEN it will detect if it is being clicked, and if it is, then reset the angles)

    Hope I've understood you and have been of help! Welcome to the community!

  • Yes!! Thank you!! So the order is VERY VERY crucial.

  • There is a flaw in the design.

    Instead of using the every 0.25 you should wait in the actions of the mouse click.

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  • Thank you will keep that in mind.

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