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  • Hey guys,

    I was going for a game making competition in javascript. When asked if i could use Construct 2, they said

    [quote:1rnphmp7]You can use other resources but remember that we are going to judge your project on various parameters. Using other resources will demonstrate that you are able to integrate features from different sources and make them into an interesting project but that is only one aspect of programming / computer science. We will also look at your code to see how you have applied algorithms and what kind of logic complexity you are dealing with. Your judging will depend on all these things.

    So if i send them the html5 export folder, will they be able to get what they want?

    A quick reply would be appreciated since i need to submit it quickly.

    Thanks a lot,


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  • Just have a look on the exported Code yourself... They'll definitely notice, that you didn't write it yourself

  • Well if the issue is with the source code, you can always send your capx with your submission. That's where your own work/code lies.

    Ludum Dare accepts capx as source file submission for example.

  • ashwin2000

    i have face same problem.

    my client was not interested what i done in capx , they want to see my js and index file.

    as per their requirement js & html is source code not capx.

    and the result is , my file got rejected although it is running perfectly.

    all the best

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