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  • Hy Everyone!

    I'm Gabor, and I would like to ask some basic questions about this software before I decide to buy it! :)

    I installed the free version, and I tested some examples. It was a piece of cake to learn, because of the structure is really awesome.

    I modified a physics example, where balls are falling, inside a closed space. That works well, but when I added a rotating element to the system, many object fall through, or go beyond the borders of the "solid" objects. This object is a rectangle with physics and rotate behavior, which is immovable. The scene is going well until the circles are in "stress situation" for example stuck, and after that the bouncing or anything similar.

    I hope someone had this before, and know some options to solve it. Maybe I should use other behavior than physics, and combining with events.

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  • For physics you don't want to assign the solid behavior. You assign the physics behavior and use the properties to make the object immovable. This simulates infinite mass and stops physics objects from falling through it. Solid behavior works with platform object behavior, but physics objects really only work well with other physics objects.

  • The Physics Basics tutorial is a must-read, since it covers things like why the simulation won't work properly if you move objects with events or other behaviors.

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