60 individual sprites or 1 with 60 frames?

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  • Like the topic says, which should I use for an interactive list? The list will be up to 60 items that will be the sprite or animation frame that you will be able to select and do a few things with. Thanks!

  • I would go with frames because we have for each "ordered", and object(index).

  • Thanks for you reply!

    I'm pretty new to construct still so I'm not to sure how to use what you mentioned above, is there any examples or other topics that would show how to use them? or how to display the different frames for copies of a sprite with the 60 frames?

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  • SO you create up your sprite with the 60 frames.

    Set the animation speed to 0 and no loop

    Now just set the initial frame (sprite property) to the frame you want displayed.

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    brentcee23, like czar said, the easiest way is setup an sprite with all the frames you need and them place it on the canvas and set his first animation for what you want. It's a bit useless if you have a barrel with animation and want put more type of sprites inside it, but for static objects, it works great!

    Also, you can change them via code, using the action "set animation frame".

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