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  • One of the (only) features I miss from Lightwave and the old Amiga Video toaster, is the incremental save system.

    If you have it enabled, the application will never overwrite a file on save. Rather it will save another version as "filename_Time_Date_re-vision number".

    This allowed me to focus on my task , rather than trying to remember the last version I saved, and typing out a new filename.

    I think a lot of people use SVN and Mercurial for this sort of thing. I would rather not have any versioning software installed, for such a trivial task as giving my file a unique save name.

    BTW Kudos on the backup system.

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  • If you fiddle around in the preferences, you'll find a similar system already exists. You can mandate that backups be made to a folder, and save x sets of files to that folder.

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