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  • someone tell me how to make the score of the separate layer from the total score. namely that the level of the score when I completed Success is in addition to the total score and if I lose the gained score is not going to add to the total score. I tried the total score on the forum, but not as an explanation for what I look for. I do not want the total score is replaced, for example, while I gain level 5 coins and the total score I have 10 coins I earned are added to the score becoming Toale 15 how do I make it happen?

    ps. sorry for my english

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  • I would have two globals, lvlScore (level score) ttlScore (total score)

    lets say my game has a square that has the gold to touch a circle, along the way I pick up the stars, each time I pick up a star I add 1 to lvlScore. I pick up 5 stars then my square touches the circle. Now its time to add.

    Event: Square is in touch of circle

    Action1: Add to Variable: ttlScore Value: lvlScore

    Action2: set lvlScore to 0

    The add value is found under system

    Action2 will allow you to use the same global for each level. Keep in mind you will need to trigger it to set to zero if you fail a level to.

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