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  • I have been working on a game that uses webfonts to style the in-game dialog. I have tested the game on Chrome, Firefox, Node Webkit, Mac, and iOS (in-browser), and aside from some slight text bolding on Firefox that can be attributed to different HTML5 implementation standards, the font rendering was consistent.

    But today I tried running the game on another computer (one running Windows 8, where I previously relied on Windows 7), and suddenly all the webfonts appeared smaller. A font size of 20 on the old PC would appear as around 16 on the new one. This was true for Firefox, Chrome, and Node Webkit, and didn't seem affected by window size or desktop resolution. I can make some screenshots, if necessary.

    Any idea what's going on here? I'm probably going to make the jump to spritefonts to avoid future headaches, but it would be good to know what the source of this discrepancy is.

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  • yes. webfonts are not related tot he C2 engine. They are not embedded in the engine. they are part of the fonts that are related to websites, renderers and OS. If your making a Game use SpriteFont, if your making an app, then try to package a font with your program.

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