Incompatibility problem to open project in R210.

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  • When I open my project in R210 version.

    Now this error is happening here the images below.

    After pressing "OK" that's next error screen.

    To R209 version he was opening normal but not R210.

    How is my version of steam, then soon launch stable version. My project can end up going down the tubes.

    Can someone tell me why this is happening?

  • R210 is a beta release, and betas always have the possibility to break things.

    Just stay with the stable release if you are worried about your project, or post a proper bug report following all the guidelines and Ashley will investigate when he can.

  • I always get the stable version.

    But I will always doing the tests in my project with the beta versions.

    To know when I upgrade to a new stable release without harming my project. Already has nearly 2 years of development loses it would be a shock.

    And the R210 version I encounter a problem.

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  • "My project can end up going down the tubes."

    Always keep backups. C2 gives you more than enough options.

    Besides, you can always roll back to earlier versions by modifying the build version in the .caproj.

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