In-game FPS Indicator vs. Debug Layout Preview

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  • Hi. I am working on my side scrolling platformer game and I am testing my character controls. I am using about 20 sprite strips with approximate dimensions of 1500x500 pixels for animations. When I preview with the Debug Layout Preview the FPS is between 48-56. If I preview with Run Layout and I use an in-game fps indicator my FPS is between 57-60.

    I also made another project file with the same controls but here I imported my character from spriter (scml file) , using the plugin. The frame rate is almost the same ... with differences of 1 or 2 frames + .

    So ... I am a little confuse, should I use just the FPS indicator to see the exact frame rate ? .... and why is this differences between the two methods ?

  • The debugger sucks up a lot of system resources.

    Just do a text, and :

    every 10*dt seconds --->Text.Set text "FPS "&fps

    That will give you a much more accurate view.

    It is always better to make your own de-bugging system. The default one has a lot of great features, but you will probably never use, or need them all. The bloat is what causes the lag. It is testing lots of things.

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  • Ok, thanks

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