Improving performance. Is this possible?

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  • I have been making a platform game using event driven controls on the enemies with the platform movement set. Every enemy I add to the game will slightly reduce the fps regardless of if they're on the screen.

    I remember in other programs (I think Corel Click and Create) I could set it to only load the sprites behaviours when they were on the screen. Is there any way of simulating something similar on Construct 2. It isn't a problem with PC and Mac but for iOS is really gets unplayable after a couple of dozen enemies have been put on the scene.


  • Sprite is not on screen?

    Sprite: set platform movement to inactive :)

    try it, but I don't think it will help. mobile performance is generally quite poor.

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  • first of all you need to make enemy standing and not moving if they're on the layout, if your character walking near him, he'll come and attack, it's will help in the performance. Use distance between 2 object. sry 4 bad E.

  • Just followed both your advice and it works great guys! Thank you very much. Should I be doing the same thing for animation?

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