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  • Hello,

    it's been a while now since I'm using this great tool that is C2 and I've decided to join the forum ( although I'm reading it frequently ). The reason is I would very much appreciate your advise in a matter: so I have this (sort of) app here: that is targeting iPad users. It's not a complicate thing in terms of features. However, I have a problem with the amount of images and animations I need to use: the total size is pretty much for a mobile platform ( ~68MB for the .ipa ). All of my animations are made of png frames. So, there are two big problems here:

    1. the sound behavior is inconsistent. As an example: if I start the app and scroll to stage 28, sometimes the narration is working, sometimes is not. Up to that stage, it works, after that stage it doesn't. This always happens on iPad, NEVER on a PC. As a note, I'm using phonegap for wrapping the app. ( cocoon is not acceptable because it's impossible to ditch their splashscreen and appMobi is not an option as the app's size is > their limit: 25 MB ).

    2. the app gets pretty jumpy after going through...~15 stages or so and I'm assuming the amount of memory needed to run gets low. Is there anything I can do to optimize or even re-factor the animations? I must say I red about everything I was able to find about optimizations ( specially for the mobile platforms ) over the website and this forum and applied.

    Any advise would be much appreciated.


  • The only thing you can really do to optimise memory use is to use fewer images and fewer animation frames. 68 MB is absolutely massive for a compressed app - decompressed it could be hundreds of megabytes, and mobile devices have very limited memory, so you're trusting Safari to shunt images to and from memory at random times to prevent itself running out of memory.

  • Ashley I was afraid of this answer, as it's the only recommendation I couldn't embrace. My client has already strip down whatever he could and reduced the number of frames, but you see... this is an animated story and it's impossible to keep cutting off.

    Thanks for the answer!

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  • Note on platforms which support WebGL - which should include CocoonJS in the near future - we manage memory more intelligently by loading all images on a layout-by-layout basis (so images are only loaded/unloaded between layouts). You might find things work better with that.

  • Oh, that would be really great! I just need to overcome somehow the disadvantage of Cocoon's permanent splash screen :)

    I wish they'd had a paying option to remove/personalize it...

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