Impressed with Construct 2, missing one feature

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  • Hello All,

    I purchased C2 during the sale on Steam, as I was looking for a replacement for Flash that exported to HTML5, and I have to say that Construct 2 has greatly fit that bill. Hell, in nearly any way, it's exceeded that bill, since the apps seem to run a tad faster with it than they did with AS3 and Flash.

    There's one part that I would like to suggest you guys add when you get a chance. The thing that keeps me coming back to flash is the fact that the animation has onion-skinning. I have become so dependent on that feature that I have to keep Flash installed on my system, which I believe consequently feeds orphan children to the evil-nazi-Adobe-monster for every minute it persist.

    Are there any plans on adding an onion-skin feature to the animation, or if not can you make plans for it?

  • Hello,

    Actually C2 is not an animation tool, it's a html5 video game maker.

    It's a misconception to think C2 is another html5 version of Flash CS IDE.

    Flash CS is designed to make animations, movies, apps, games, etc. In fact, C2 is not designed to make everything like Flash does, just for games and apps.

  • I'm aware of that, but there IS an animation tool, and I thought onion-skinning was a pretty common feature in animation stuff, and as animation is a fairly large part of games, I didn't think it was too unreasonably to ask for.

  • I would highly recommend you to create your animation using other programs such EDGE 2, Graphics Gale, etc. These programs are made specifically for such animation making. They have layer management, etc. Sure, you have to export them and then import them to C2, but if C2 is going to support onion skin, usability-wise, it will need some of the useful tools for better workflow as well. Or else, having just the onion skin ain't worth it, in my opinion.

    Also, you can modify your images with those animation program right in the project directory, no?

  • Can you not export the animation from flash?

  • I'm always making and design graphic with flash then use them to creat game in C2.

  • Onion skinning would be really useful for helping to position origin points :D

  • Onion skinning would be handy, seeing the previous/next frames faintly.

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  • Remember that Flash is an animation program and a game making program. C2 is only a game making program, and you really shouldn't be making serious graphics in the simple animations editor.

  • I have been using Flash to export. It works, I can export a PNG sequence. I just have been looking to get if off my computer. I don't think onion-skinning would be THAT hard to implement, as I use like three free iOS animation apps that seem to have that feature.

    I've considered using Inkscape for drawing and just utilizing the layering system to onion-skin. Does anyone know of a way to import SVG graphics to C2, or do I have to rasterize first?

  • You should probably take a look at Spriter.

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