Is impossible to integrate canvas in facebook!

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  • I'm bored to playing around construct2... and see how works strange when you try to publish your game for some platform...

    I can't waste so much time to try to skip some bug of contruct2 or htm5 in general... just I can't

    I'm not looking for publish in hard way, I'm trying to get working my app on facebook, simple right? FALSE, totally false

    the official plugin of contruct2 it's just ridiculous, and I worked with another plugin (perfect, but doesn't support, I have to move in other way)

    why? I need to get the friendlist who use the app, publish score and others things... (normal for every game...or you want to publish a game without the very simple things??)

    I'm trying to integrate facebook with pure PHP, easy right? there are two big problem...

    the first one, I change the name of index.html to index.PHP, put a script for the permission in php and get some information... everything is works, but there is a bug, when I resize the windows, the canvas just zoom, zoom, zoom, and I don't know why the canvas react like this, maybe a strange bug??? anyway... I can't solve this, I try to edit a script of the canvas, change options in projects setting....nothing, just zoom, zoom and zoom

    but I tried in another way, rename index.html to "newname.php", and include this php file in the index.php where there is a script in php that login the user... THIS WORKS, yes, no more zoom...everything works

    now, I tried to retrive data with ajax from another file in php... another strange bug??, if I put AJAX plugin without any actions, the canvas will not works, (black screen) with that error...

    so, what I should do?

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  • me tyring a webapp in the facebook canvas too, seems it only need a hosting with https url access.

    yesterday i got a app/game hosted at scirra arcade showing in the facebook canvas.

    but unfortunately the arcade export is disabled in current c2 beta.

    today i asked my provider for https at my webspace. else i need buy webhosting for ~ 6€ per month...

    also i found a "free" service for webspace with *. ssl certificate, they only want a fb link for the service.

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