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  • i have scenery sets consisting of 30 layers in Photoshop.

    is it possible to import these in C2 and keep the x & y co-ordinates in C2 so that I won't have to reposition them manually?

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  • Not sure what you mean...

  • I have 30 sprites all on different layers in photoshop.

    they are all positioned on the screen in place.

    can i import them in C2 keeping the same screen positions?

    or i have to save out everything in 30 png files, load them in C2 and position them manually in C2?

  • We don't currently have a Photoshop import feature I'm afraid, and I'm not sure we will in the near future. All I can recommend is try to design your layers inside Construct 2 from the start.

  • It doesn't necessarily have to be a straight import of the PSD files.

    For example I can export a text file from Photoshop with the screen co-ordinate values. But I have no idea what to do on the C2 side.

    Unfortunately the Graphic artist does not use Construct and it's going to take quite a lot of time to get the layers positioned pixel perfect in C2

  • Creating something like this in LAYOUT.XML should be no problem from Photoshop:

                   <instance type="Sprite">



















    However PROJECT.caproj also has reference to the Sprites.

    Can I leave out the <collision-poly> details (as these will be impossible to recreate in Photoshop), or will I mess up C2?

  • GUESS COLLISION POINTS seems to recalculate the collision polygon... just what I needed!

    I think I might give it a shot tomorrow, to try to re-create C2 friendly XML co-ordinate files from Photoshop!!!

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