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  • Hi this question is very important that it be answered correctly as it will determine the amount of money I will be spending to create the environment that I want and need to create webapps for the blackberry playbook.

    My questions are...

    1) Can I use the Scirra tools to make webapps/games for the blackberry playbook?

    I seems like appmobi has better performance for games than phonegap like multisounds framerates etc. But appmobi also has the appmobi phonegap XDK so

    2) does that mean i can use the appmobi gamedev XDK to make the game and then build(package) it using phonegap??? so it can run on the playbook which phonegap supports??? THIS IS SO CONFUSING!!!

    I ask this cause if I buy the Scirra tools and license i will then need to buy parallels or vm fusion then buy windows 7.   So this will be quite a bit of money. But if i can use the XDK and just have phonegap build it then i dont need to buy windows or anything to run windows on my mac.

    but scirra also supports phonegap and appmobi

    there is a lot of support going back and forth between these companies so now im not sure what the best way would be.

    Im very serious about making apps and will need the tools to target the playbook but being a student I will need to spend my money wisely as making more than 5 apps will make you pay even more for more apps. So please If some one can tell me whats the best way to get started but have good performance on the playbook. I dont really care about any other device just the playbook. So take that into consideration with your answer.

    Thank you for any replies :)

  • You'd still need windows, there is no mac version of Contruct 2 as yet.

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  • what im asking is if i should even buy construct 2 would appmobi xdk cover what i need to do. cause they are on the mac and export to phonegap for one of their tools? I wish phonegap had more support from scirra make it have more performance i would like to use multisounds have good framerates.

  • This tutorial describe the process of exporting C2 projects to native apps (to blackberry amongst other supports) with phonegap.

    What johnnySix said is true though, if you buy and intend to use Construct 2 you will need a windows OS as there is no mac version of C2's IDE. (so you'll still need to buy parallel or whatever virtual machine and the OS itself + C2)

    Exporting to appmobi is also supported by C2, have a search on the forum for the appmobi keyword and you should find a fair share of topics about it that hopefuly should answer some of your questions.

    An improvement on exported appmobi performances app is in progress and should be implemented in future releases of C2. No timeframe is set though as it depends on the time the appmobi's team makes the improvement/technology available.

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