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  • hey,

    i just wont to know something very important about saveing over webstorage or the other one.

    My question is if my saveings get deleted if i make an update over google play to my game?

    Because this would freak a lot of people up if there game progress gets deleted after every update and makes C2 very useless for me

  • its possible it will, as far as i know, your users will be able to use their saved data, but, if the change is too big, the loading could cause a crash, so yes its possible to load after an update but its pretty easy to get a crash, i recommen to make the save room of your game in a little layout with things that you know will not change in any update of your game.

  • you mean something like a main menu where i first load all my savegames and than start too playing?

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  • yours save with still work if you update they will only break if you change how your saving your info i.e changing the name you save your webstorage under

  • EyeForcz

    well, i recomend you to do the same as symphony of the night, as you can see, the save room, the room where you save, its in another alyout, so when a person saves there, and the game is updated, the save game, will have to remember the less info possible, other than your player info. you can change layout completely and the saave will still work.

    i think this would work you can try

  • I suggest using local values on webstorage , rather that the save/load procedure.

    Since savegame takes a snapshot of the entire game it is prawned to crashes upon update.

    On webstorage you may specify the variables you save and load (level, xp, credits, special attribute flags etc.) so this data may be used even if the version update includes different objects or behaviors. In short - save the game variables state, not the game state.

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