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  • I'm not sure where else to ask this question so General is as good as any I suppose - apologies if this is in the wrong cat. I found some 2 year old posts about non-game apps but unfortunately it doesn't answer what I need.

    I'm new to Construct 2 and definitely interested in creating games but I also have an idea for a non-game app that I'd try to take a shot at creating in C2 (I know it's meant for games) and need some advice first if the features I need can even be done:

    The most crucial piece I need to be able to do is import PDFs, txt, and maybe even .doc files into the app and then be able to read them (think iBooks). I was thinking of using Dropbox's API but not sure if I can even work with it in C2 or if I could, it would have to be extended so far that it's more trouble than it's worth.

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance!

  • I may have found a native solution for both Android and iOS - best brush up on my Java and Obj-C skills (ha)

  • I have used C2 for non-game projects, and it can do lots of amazing things.

    Displaying a list of documents or icons would be no problem. Importing text is no problem. Actually displaying a PDF or Word document within your project would not be easy (and would require finding or making plug-ins). Launching the documents into another viewer would be possible, but then you would be outside of C2, and not be able to let your project know what the user read, where they stopped reading, or whatever other features you wanted your app to offer.

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  • Thanks AllanR - I'm loving C2 so far - looks like it won't be able to do what I need for that app (need PDF annotation tools) but the info you passed along is mega useful for other applications.

    Now onto developing my first platformer!

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