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  • My game option require to send an invitation to the person on user's contact lists. If there is any email available then a message will be send via server to the contact's email address.

    All the server side work i have completed but now i need to import the phone list of the gamer's mobile and show it on the screen. So that he would choose to send invitation.

    Now problem is I dont know how to import the contact list of mobile using construct2...Is there any way to make that using construct2? Or any idea how to achieve this goal?

  • Unfortunately, I don't think C2 has this feature. At this time, you will have to use a third-party feature. But, I haven't looked them up yet to see what everything they have to offer, if they even do offer it at all.

  • which third party plugin your saying? I am wondering there must be a way to do this i really need help in this game required me to use contact list from the phone ...any more ideas please help???

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  • Why not use facebook instead of telephone contacts?:)

  • Actually facebook option is also a part of this game but there are some people who do not use facebook but they will receive invitation on their email accounts. To get those email accounts i need to find the contact lists so the user will be able either to use his facebook contact for game or the contacts from his contact lists... is there a way to do this or any plugin???

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