implementing other ways of sprite sampling in Contruct

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  • Hi, my question may be stupid, but anyway I'm going to make it.

    Is there any way to implement another sampling method to Construct? I'm not too fond of Linear scaling, and it would be super useful to have some of the sampling techniques from some emulators like X2SaI or XBRz.

    Here is an example of the difference that can make a scaling technique, I think it would be awesome to scale not only pixel art, but for sprites of major sizes.

    A good example of the use for this would be:

    I make a game with a standard window size of 854x480, the character sprite is 128x128 (it is not pixel art, is aliased) when I present the game in 1920x1080, my original pixels will be 2.5 times larger, and because of that 0.5 multiplicator, it will not scale properly in point scaling and will approximate some pixels. Meanwhile if I use XBRz to scale, It would look better if for example someone plays it in a 4k resolution screen someday.

    If this is impossible in html5 sorry, just tell me, but I couldn't fin info on this in the forum, neither in tutorial or plugins sections.

    Sorry if my english is not the best, it is not my native language.

    Thanks in advance.

  • This would be awesome. I hope to know if this is at least possible to implement in any way.

  • Yeah I would like to know if it is possible, because it would keep the quality of the games made with construct, even if the years pass by.

  • I've suggested something like this a while ago here: [Suggestion] hqx Sampling

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  • But is this possible to implement as a Plugin or effect into Webgl? that's the thing, if someone more experienced says it can be done, then we could make it appart from construct main releases and post it into effects/plugins section.

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