How to implement FGL HTML5 SDK ?

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  • Nope, my last one was rejected for no pause again (although I added Browser and On Suspend calls my pause function). Plus, touch seems to not work with their SDK, then can't close out of the ads screen.

    I'm just going to wait on them to release a plugin.

  • ArcadEd

    They have removed the QA requirement for Pause and Resume on Amazon. ... post334156

  • When? My just failed it last night.

  • ArcadEd,

    I think today ? Matt just posted it in the FGL forum.

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  • I also posted my game and failed on "ads cannot be closed". I use EncryptedCow's plugin.

  • did anyone of you got branding to work?

  • I got this email from Luke earlier in the week, he's the one that created the SDK. Hopefully we will see something from the FGL guys soon.

    "Hi Ed,

    Thanks, and sorry for not getting back to your last mail over the weekend.

    I've currently been pulled off of this project for a few days (bad timing) because some other really high-priority tasks came up, but I will be back on it soon. When I next work on this I'll make sure to look more deeply into the Construct 2 stuff, because it does seem that a lot of the submitted games are created with that.

    I'll keep you in the loop when I make any progress on this."

  • Does anyone know what fgl means by pause/resume? I just read there implementation sdk pdf file as well as there sdk documentation and it says nothing about pausing or resuming in their sdk. So how do we integrate it? I even went through there fgl.js file and there's no function call or anything that is remotely close. Or is it just regular pause and resume from construct2?

    Also apparently if you want the tier 3 prize of 200$ you need to have achievements working. Which isn't even supportive in the v1.2 of fgl's sdk. So I guess I might use the previous sdk then.

    I'd rather not wait for the plugin, I think I'll just try normal means to implement the sdk.

  • retrodude

    Matt from FGL mention that they have remove it from their requirements , but the game should have normal pause and resume button. ... post334156

  • my game didnt pass QA either

    1) Game does not work in Kindle Fire Device

    2) Game lags after all lives are depleted. (CMS Tester)

    3) Game does not pass by "FGL SDK Game Testing Framework" Window.

    plus, what i found myself, the add's cant be closed on mobile devices

  • fldr

    I think its an issue from fgl (the ad part). I'm also having problems getting the ads to close on chrome although it strangely works on opera and firefox (tested on android). From what I can gather, branding seems to work. I'm still having issues getting the scoreboard to work mainly because I'm not sure what scoreboard we use. Is it gamersafe scoreboard that we need to submit scores?


    Whoops, I foregot to edit my post, I read that on the fgl forums but fore-got to update my post.

  • Over on the FGL forums they stated that the issue is on their side and they are working on a fix for it (re: close ads via touch)

  • Hi,

    Just to let you know: my games also failed the pause test, also some minor issues with ad closing and displaying.

    C2 games auto pause on lost focus in a browser by default so I supposed they would also pause when an app loses focus... apparently not.

    So do we have a working plugin for the 1.2 API? What do you use?

    I think it would be best if FGL developed their own - it would be sure to work and after all they want our games there, right?

  • are there known issues with construct2 and kindle fire? i did search but i didnt find anything.

    In a screenshot i got from fgl my game looks horribly broken, never saw something like this before, every sprite is crumbled in one corner and sprite font is showing the hole sprite sheet instead of the text it should display :/

  • jayderyu

    How were you able to get premium to work? That's the one feature I'm unable to get running for the fgl sdk. Did you use the execute javascript command? If so could you send me maybe a screenshot or just explain how you got it working either through here or pm?

    I have the function being called to open the menu but I'm unable to unlock the feature during gameplay after pressing a button. I think I'm missing a function that updates the menu. I wanted to include one in the fgl sdk but were not suppose to edit it.

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