How to implement FGL HTML5 SDK ?

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  • pirx They proposed you to allow them to put the game on other marketplaces? Did you say yes?

  • Yes they normally put the game on Amazon, Tizen and BigRebel and then they also proposed to put it on a mobile portal they are testing (I agreed). I'm not sure about the details concerning the latter.

    Honestly I'm not that good at self publishing and nagging sponsors, so a relatively small upfront payment + 70% of ad revenue is fine with me *shrug*. I heard about people selling games for a couple of k but I'm not even sure about how would I go about it.

    I have some more games for them but I need a way to implement the new API in Construct 2 so I'm stuck for now. Maybe it's time to learn to make plugins?

  • pirx Just go to and submit your games to their marketplace. Publishers will fine them and send you offers through FGL.

    In my chats with Matt and Luke at FGL, they are planning on tying the whole system together.

    Also, did you include the branding portion of the API as well, or is that optional?

  • Yeah, I know. Right now submitting the game via the offer in question is accomplished by submitting the game both to the FGL website via normal means and separately for the offer.

    You still need to implement the API though, because a) it is required by FGL and b) you need the API to display FGL Ads.

    I'm not sure about the branding portion - my first game submitted there had the leaderboard and ads implemented. Now there's also the More Games button so I can as well implement it if I finally manage to get the new API into my games. ;)

  • Hello everyone,

    I would like to know you that my games where rejected by fgl so I don't have any reason to upgrade the plug in for version 1.2

    If someone is confident that his game will be accepted but doesn't know how to implement the new api, I can work on updating the plugin for 100$.


  • paala, can I know what is the reason your games is rejected ?

  • Just an update. FGL updates their HTML5 promo requirements(again!) on the payment tier.

  • Hmmmm

    My game failed on Kindle Fire HD, but it passed the CMS Tester. Does anybody encounter the same issue ?

    Can someone share with me the apk file for "Amazon Web App Tester" I cant download it due to country restriction.. ... App+Tester


  • I'm waiting for the plugin to have the branding portion so I can submit my games.

    I've asked the FGL guys if they are interested in doing their own, official plugin. They think maybe considering the amount of feedback they are seeing on the c2 forums.

  • arcade

    I just did my plugin on my own. Support all the API (IAP,branding and etc), minify and preview. But like I mention before , currently my games failed on Kindle Fire but passed CMS Tester from the QA reports..

    I want to share the plugin, but whats the point if my games failed right ? If I found and fix the error I will post my plugin here if you guys interested. Or maybe we just wait for the official plugin from FGL.

    Can someone help me and provide the apk for amazon web app tester? I want to check what is the error.

  • I have same issue with amazon kindle fire... but i do not understand... I sent my game to Matt from fgl, he sadi, that it is good and all work fine, but now after change their system, tester said me, that game does not wokr on kindle fire... What is "does not work"

  • My game came back from testing with this.

    Tested On:

    -Kindle Fire

    -CMS Tester

    Problem(s) Found:

    1) Game does not pause when device is suspended/locked.

    Procedure Pause problem:

    1.) Start game using Web App Tester

    2.) Play game.

    3.) Suspend device.

    4.) The game will still be playing.

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  • dont you have a pause function at all or does it just not work for them ?

  • The game does have a pause button, but it doesn't activate on suspend. I guess I need to add the browser object to make that happen.

  • Anybody here manage to pass QA ?

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