Impact (javascript) Engine a new "rival" (?)

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    Was this any source of inspiration? it seems these kinds of tools are gaining tracktion everyday..

    A low barrier entry with the kind of Graphical User Environment Construct has on top of this kind of technology really opens things up

    I'm interested in what the future lies ahead for Construct 2 ..

  • Impact was released just over a month ago. C2 has been in development since... well, let's just say for a while now .

    Anyway Impact does look interesting, but it requires you to know javascript.

  • There is a small sea of HTML5 game engines.

    Construct 2 is not just a game engine, however.

  • I haven't looked at Impact in detail, but it's interesting. However, it appears to require you to write the entire game in Javascript, which means it falls in to the category of scripting tools - C2 is mainly about its event system.

  • Event System yes please! This is why i like Construct in the first place ... less code and more event logic driven.

    Does Construct 2 have a road map on which people could contribute?

    I'm more on the design part of any development so coding is a bit of a stretch but i would gladly contribute in making C2 come along faster if there was a masterplan of "Things to do" that i could see myself capable of contributing ..

    Anyway thrilled with the new direction and rebirth of C2! Keep it up!

  • Impact and Construct are in separate categories...

    Impact requires you to write everything in Javascript, but gives lots of template code and a good level editor. It is a great tool for what it does..which is HTML5 only.

    Construct allows to write your game completely in Events with the option of using Javascript for plugins, etc..and it will have exporters to other platforms besides HTML5.

    The type of user attracted to Construct (who doesn't want to write code) will probably not be interested in Impact...

  • As already pointed out it has nothing on Construct 2, an event system is completely different to a scripting system - if you are going to do that you might as well learn a language properly and not be tied to any one particular program.

  • The events system is awesome but i would love to able to script the game in Javascript too

    Are there any plans for scripting ? I can't stay away of raw coding after all

  • The events system is awesome but i would love to able to script the game in Javascript too

    I second this, Construct1 didn't have its scripting well integrated. It would be nice if scripting in Construct 2 was tightly integrated. This will help for things like websockets down the road.

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  • If you know Javascript, writing plugins is actually very straightforward. I think that's a good alternative to scripting for now?

  • I think that's a good alternative to scripting for now?

    That's fair enough. Hopefully, if/when inline scripting is is fully integrated..that's my only request. Maybe, I'll put some Fundry towards it.

  • Yeah a scripting workflow like Unity would be a killer feature for me. I know it's not thaaat hard to make something roughly like it, specially if you use the right tools. I integrated Javascript V8 in an engine i used and it worked quite well. Though it was not that fast with many objects on screen... But Ashley surely knows better than me if it would be hard or not

  • And Impact is paid. C2 is Open Source.

    Construct rules.

  • This and Construct 2 in it's alpha stage is already almost as good as Impact

  • Sorry to bring back from the dead that old thread.

    I was thinking about the fact that ImpacTJS doesn't use a UIWebView, but was translating JS to an OpenGL/OpenAL underlying engine.

    Since we have a problem with HTML5 audio on iOS (impossible to have two sounds playing simultaneously), does somebody knows if it's possible to bypass that limit by running the C2 export through ImpactJS ?

    Does somebody already tried to run the exported index.html through that engine ?

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