Will this have impact on Construct (2/3)?

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  • https://www.adobe.com/products/flash.html

    Due early 2016, so I thought it would be the right time to ask. I don't know how big this really is, I just don't want to see Construct losing customers because of this competitor. On the other hand, the professional grade of the tool can't be denied. I'm really in doubt. Will this have an impact on the success and progression of Construct?

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  • Nope.

    Goodbye flash.

    Hello html5 ads.

  • tulamide

    Lots of people are using flash as their animation package, for animating and then exporting png to other programs.

    For Adobe not to pull out Flash from the market, as its use in web content has diminished, it has to be transformed it into a fully fledged animation software and not just a tool for flash content. This is one of the reasons they are expanding their toolkit in Flash, to make it a worthy competitor and alternative to other animation packages out there and make it feasable and cost effective for Adobe to keep it on the market.

    What will this upgrade mean to C2/C3 customers? That depends wether C3 will have an animation system within itself, complete with a motion/animation graph editor. Nevertheless this will mean that Scirra customers will have at their disposal yet another animation package, from which they can export their animations to C2/C3.

  • It's going to stay a great tool for animation and so on but since it doesn't have drag and drop coding, I doubt it will cut into Construct 2 or 3's market.

    I mean it can export to HTML 5 now anyway and Air. So you can make iOS / Android and Windows/MacOSX apps now.

    For people great with writing code, or who prefers code - maybe, but then they are not really the Scirra target market.

    Probably more competition for tools like GameMaker.

  • It's quite pleasing to see that you are all so relaxed. With all the money and manpower they have, I was afraid Scirra couldn't stand. But it seems to be more of another tool for asset/animation creation, and not so much for game creation, if I understand you right.

    In my mind I was thinking somewhat in the lines of "Hey, all the flash game developers can now keep using their environment but simply output to html5 instead of flash"

  • That's exactly what it means.

  • Well if they do a decent sdk, or develop something like action script for it, then it may offer some competition.

    Then again, there's no reason to believe we couldn't use it as a tool for C2.

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