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  • Not sure how to else to explain this and it's weird I have never ran into this issue before and I have been using construct for almost a year now.

    Anyway, It's simple, I have a large asteroid. When you TOUCH it, it destroys and spawns 2 smaller asteroids from it's origin. If those asteroids are TOUCHED, they destroy with some particles.

    Now, if I touch the bigger asteroid dead center, it destroys completely showing the particles, and neither of the 2 other asteroids are spawned.

    My guess is the touch event is carrying over to to the two smaller asteroids as soon as I touch the larger one, causing them to destroy at the same times. This doesn't occur if I touch the big asteroid on the outer edges when the touch "follow through" doesn't touch the newly spawned smaller ones.

    <img src="" border="0" />

    It's a basic idea, and I assume I am missing something that I just can't seem to put my finger on (No pun intended :)

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  • Well, just after I posted this I fixed it by putting the touch event for the smaller asteroids first.

    Funny how just typing out the question, posting the image and reading myself and I found the answer. haha.

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