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  • ok , i don't know how to start but i found that many games in iphone or in ipad has HD or normal version why?

    because of image resolution but why all ipad games or apps has HD versions only while iphone not? because of this image resolution..

    also the new ipad (ipad 3) has 4x resultion than the ipad so maybe 8x the iphone while all that we should make game and game and game... this crazy.. but i found somthing when we draw an image with vector image editor like (inkscape) we can make as much resolution as we want but when we inside it the construct2 it come too big maybe bigger than the game, but we can make it smaller a little ( i tried to small more than little like more than half of my character but it comes like pixel game and this annoying <img src="smileys/smiley5.gif" border="0" align="middle"> ) so i should do every sprite 3 times or 4 (ipad3,ipad,iphone4,ipod,pc...)

    so sangerous what do you want ??

    ok an idea this we can put any picture resolution in construct2 and construct2 will convert the picture as we want like in i don't need do image in illstrator then convert it in photoshop then put it in construct2 and this for one device... so we do the game as we want then we convert the resulotion...

    for example i put all my images 800ppi (background,character,...) then before i save i click what resolution i put 800 or less.. so in that way i can save it for all devices (i have the original one and the device version)..

    so when a new device comes with 4x ipad3 resolution we can do it in 1click .

    i hope this comes in construct2 , even after 1-2years .. good luck guys!!

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  • You should draw your artwork for the highest resolution screen, then use fullscreen scale mode to downscale it for lower resolution screens. See supporting multiple screen sizes.

  • oh ill try it ^^ thanks

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