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  • Hey!

    I would love for the devs to put a bit more attention towards the Frame editor, specifically:

    * Easier editing of frames (multi-selection, drag and drop, copy / paste, preview, mass-editing of common attributes in multi-selection, copy / paste entire animation collections)

    * Propagate Origin and / or Image Points to all frames. If I add an Image Point to a sprite, make it an option to have it visible on the entire object instead per frame!

    * Add a simple pixel-pen tool for quick prototyping, it would be very beneficial! It doesn't have to be fancy -- I will use an external software for the fancy stuff!

    Please!! :D

  • sprites already needed some fixes as i see when we resize many sprites together (with mouse) they get miss up... lets wait the newer versions i'm sure they will do everything to help us ^^

  • origin and image points of a sprite frame can be propagate to all others frames in the same animation using apply to whole animation ... so ok perhaps with 20 animations who have to do the job 20 times but the needed propagate feature already exists !

    About editor sure it will be more easy to have paint features in C2 but i consider that dev priority must stay in features that can't be done by others programs. Of course if someone find a way to include a basic paint tool in C2 with a plugin that could be very interesting !

    I have another requested feature about sprites ... just have a way to give the number of polygons "points" to use in the "guess polygon shape" function ... standard settings seems really be good for squares or really simple shapes ... but have to create 20-30 collision points for 100 sprites with different shapes stay really a very hard work.

    As a image is always better than speaking ...

    Standard "guess polygon shape" function (up) (a 5 years baby could "guess" better)

    The work that must de done after (down) ...

    <img src="" border="0" />

  • What is more cpu-intensive: 100 objects with 4 polygon points, or one object with 400 points?

    It's more CPU intensive to use one object with 400 points. It's best to use more objects with fewer collision points.

    If an object is overlapping an object with 400 collision points, it will probably check all 400 collision points in that object. If it is overlapping an object with 4 collision points, it will check just those 4 collision points (100 times less!) and it will skip checking any of the other objects.

    Of course using more objects has its own performance impact, but using lots of collision points isn't very efficient in the engine at the moment, so it's probably better to avoid that. This can probably be optimised in future, but this is how it is at the moment.

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  • ... Ok thanks for this info but don't really see a real relation ...

    i'm not speaking about perfs ...

    i'm not speaking about 400 collision points ...

    just something better than guess 8 points when a shape need minimum twice points to have some shape compliant management in drag & drop features.

    So here the problem is no perfs but time loose correcting bad points and adding others ... this points are sometimes needed to provide a good game experiment for players using drag & drop features so have a way asking C2 guessing more points when needed will be good (guess standard shape polygon (-> 12 pts) / guess special shape polygon -> 36 pts for example).

  • We have improvements to the image/animation editor on the todo list. Hopefuly things will improve soon!

    naelian - it is recommended to stay below 8 collision points for performance reasons. Using too many (your example showed over 20) can cause slowdowns.

  • Thanks Ashley about these news of soon improvements ;-p

    Yes alert me about perfs drop using more points but my jigsaw puzzle app need these points to be playable ... using good browsers i don't notice important perfs drop in my case ... but it's a puzzle game sure an arcade game it's another thing.

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