i'm Screwed !regarding mobile game.. please calm me everyone

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  • hey there ! i bought c2 for basically desktop games first but mobiles later. and i was working on a big game project.. which i have stopped for some personal reasons. and now i have made a new game idea and i also have started to work. today was my first day on this game .

    and this game will be for all android devices and Mobile phones.. (IOS-windowsphone etc)

    please help in these specific questions?

    Q: what should be the ratio / resolotion ? so it can fill all screens. i dont need black outlines etc. and also what it should be letterbox or scale or etc??

    Q: how much ram should be for my game. if i am getting 100-300mb ram on project status will it run good. and how can i optimize game deeply.

    Q: how should i export to phones. i tried cordova then intelxdk crosswalk i didnt liked much.... or maybe i was doing wrong.. i need proper way to export.

    Q: does c2 runs games on phones good ? i pubblished mobile games via gamesalad and it was good.

    Q: the game mortal melon in the scirra website . is that really made with c2. or just its prototype. cause recently minutes ago i played that game and its performance was awesome...

    Q: about In App Purchase and ads.. how diffficult it is to set these....

    please please help me in these questions?? i am totally screwed .....

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  • First thing: Start small. You need to know how to walk before you can run. See the tutorials and the predefined templates to get to learn C2.

    Q1. Don't rely on resolutions, use aspect ratio measurement. I recommend Scale outer mode

    https://www.scirra.com/tutorials/73/sup ... reen-sizes

    https://www.scirra.com/tutorials/1126/m ... le-devices

    Q2. Not sure, try to keep it around 100~200MB on actual devices. About optimizations, there are a lot of ways, use google, or search the forum. Remember that bigger sprites/images use more RAM memory. Also music/sound files are memory hungry. And you will need to optimise a lot on mobile devices.

    Q3. I've tried a lot of ways, at the moment it seems that you can't get constant framerate in any exporter. In my opinion Cocoon seems to run the best , but this depends on your device.



    Q4. There are a few games published (some even on WiiU). Is up to you to judge.

    Q5. Yes, Mortal Melon was made with C2.

    Q6. Ads depends of vendor, if C2 has or not a plugin for that ad company. I've never tried IAP so I can't tell.

    In my opinion, C2 is a great software and you can learn a lot about making games, but if you are serious about making bigger and commercial games, you should search for another software. You missed a great 12$ Humble Bundle if you knew a little programming.

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