I'm fed up of events getting resized! >:(

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  • As I work, I'll suddenly notice that my events have resized to where I can't see the object names anymore. Then it takes three or more click-drags to get my events looking how I want them. Once they are fixed, I'll navigate to another event sheet to find that the the same problem exists there, so I have to fix it again, and so forth for EVERY event sheet that was open when the events first got affected. This feels like it happens at least once per hour as I work, and over the last few weeks, it's been bothering me a lot, breaking my workflow.

    I've found that the issue occurs when I unwittingly shrink a window and then maximize it later. The same effect occurs with the toolbars and other elements, though I care less about those. At least keep my events readable!

    Is there any setting I can change in Construct 2 so that this stops happening? If not, I would really appreciate it if it was fixed in a future release.

  • Your entire project's event sheets are ruined from clicking a button you never wanted to click.

    Thank you for making the post, I usually get frustrated and want to make this topic but then I remember all the other editor bug requests I've made that aren't fixed yet.

  • yeah hope they would do a quick fix for this one. I know its not a critical issue but its bothersome.

  • This probably isn't much of a time savings unless a bazillion sheets get smushed at once, but:

    1. Save as Project

    2. Go to "ProjectFolder/Event Sheets".

    3. Search for files containing ".uistate"

    4. Delete all files that match.

    5. Reboot project. Default widths restored.

    Not that I wouldn't like to see this fixed (happens to me all the time), but I don't foresee the editor getting much love at this point.

  • Yeah its a nuisance for sure.

  • You should report this type of issue to the Bugs forum following all the guidelines to make a good repro, which would make it a lot easier for us to fix it.

  • Yeah, this issue has been around for ages - would be nice to see it fixed.

  • Glad to hear that I'm not the only victim! I guess that warrants a bug report.

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  • Thanks TiAm for the workaround. Though personally I found that solution caused more problems: my tabs were no long open or in the order, and all events are open (meaning you'd have to collapse every single event that has subevents manually). So probably more work than resizing the widths.

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