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  • > A way to make plugs using events


    I'm not sure what this is. Can you explain briefly?

    He wants to make plugins and behaviors without using the SDK - using only the event editor. It's something that is often requested around here and something that I personally support.

    Still, people are going to want those plugins to be able to draw in the editor as well (which I support as well, but I know it's a humongous task), so I don't know how Ashley will handle that! We have next to no information regarding Construct 3.

  • How would building a plugin using events work exactly? Do you get to export a special field or event after creation or is it basically a plugin-event editor with built in blocks that has functionality of code from the SDK built in, or how? Did Construct classic allow this? Or perhaps other game engine tools? I'm just wondering.

  • The ideal would be a section of the editor where you could create plugs from the sdk using events, and export them as addons.

    Others may see it as more of a prefab of reusable events that are interchangeable.

    I think the second would be harder to implement, and not quite as valuable as the first, but certainly not unwelcome.

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  • The pause feature in Timer behavior also missing.

  • Suppose you want to call a function something like str("foo"&sprite.myvariable) ?

    Best tip in a long time. Put all my function names in a few generic object instance variables. One generic object per "class", one Event sheet with class name, functions and vars have class name_ prefix. Keeps everything organized and easy to find. Now I can change the function names any time and as many times as I wish and simply edit the object instance var. Everyone needs to call their Functions like this. So damn good!

  • The pause feature in Timer behavior also missing.

    I use Rex's:

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