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  • So, from a non-business and more personal perspective: thank you adding Multiplayer, Ashley. I reckon it increased the value of C2 and it certainly makes a lot of people happy, even if they don't say it or even post on these forums.


  • I wonder though. Will Scirra ever make a Native Exporter? I am most likely going to be hit with a big "NO" but the want for it is increasing since exporting for Mobiles is just an absolute pain. But I know that doing so will require a lot of time and hardships along the way, although I really hope it will be a possibility in the future...

  • Yes, definitely +1 for C2 Multiplayer. It's one of the main reasons I'm here. C2 Multiplayer is waaaay easier to setup and use than many other game dev tools I've used over the years.

  • Only if they added native exporting options, it could be called Construct 3. Construct 2 is perfect.

  • it won't happen.

    stop asking for it and optimize your games.

  • saiyadjin That's what the thread was missing, a non-content "ad" link to $30 asset pack :-/

  • saiyadjin That's what the thread was missing, a non-content "ad" link to $30 asset pack :-/

    That's his signature. He isn't trying to spam.

    Besides, I agree, this nonsense about native exporters has to be backed up by evidence. People make a fuss about performance and when Ashley requests their .capx to diagnose the issues, no one provides anything, or when they do, the performance issues are caused by things like maxing fillrate or overusing memory - aka naïve game programming.

  • There is no helpful information, topic related thought or relavent question in that post and a commercial link in the sig. Add to the discussion or don't post. That's pretty standard right?

  • locohost - well i've spent some serious amount of time getting that done. also it's been there all the time, i've just made it clear that starting tommorow it will go on a huge sale (75% off) so it will be around 7.5$ for 10 days. i don't see why that would be an "ad".

    since it's christmas time - everyone is putting their sales in their signatures, just for the reason because someone might notice something they like and buy when on sale, because there's a huge amount of stuff in store.

    and now to the topic - like fimbul said - people max out fillrate or overuse memory - device gets clogged and gg. you can try my demo provided on my template (you don't have to buy to try it) - if you spam enough bombs particles overload your screen and fillrate your framerate is going to drop even on a SLI system. (i have gtx980) and it happens. still though it's good for testing purposes and in options you can disable particles and see the "big" difference when fillrate is less.

  • Lol

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    Anyway, none of the people that keep asking for native seem to realise that all plugs will have to be rewritten to the specific language.

  • Fillrate is a good example of a common poor-performance case that will be no faster at all with native exporters. If there are any bugs or missing features, fixing them or adding them in (possibly via Cordova or NW.js) is perfectly possible. It would be madness to spend years writing native exporters with all the compatibility and maintenance implications that entails, just to cover some specific feature request!

  • saiyadjin Ok, understood.

    A question from the OP: Will the debugging greatly, greatly improve in C3? Is that a reasonable feature request?

  • what's wrong with current debugger? seems ok for me, i'd just love for them to include breakpoints anywhere legit in events

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  • That _is_ what is wrong with it. Breakpoints need to go anywhere.

  • Fillrate is a good example of a common poor-performance case that will be no faster at all with native exporters.

    I'm not advocating for native or anything but isn't fillrate affected by screen resolution too? A native exporter wouldn't need to scale everything up to fit device/desktop resolution.

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